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The beauty that is magnificent and goes beyond sight. It’s a masterpiece and unique to eyes.

This isn’t an embellished beauty. Instead, it comes from within. It doesn’t fade and is very valuable too. It’s a kind of beauty that goes beyond the eyes.


A beauty that isn’t instantly apparent. It requires closeness and deeper connection to see it. It isn’t a beauty that makes a first impression but one that offer a lasting one. It doesn’t require enhancers but complement them.

It’s a beauty that appeals for attention but doesn’t fight for it. It hopes that it would be acknowledged and not relegated to the background. It tries to be conspicuous to prevent heartbreak. Yet, is not obvious enough to some eyes.

For some eyes, it’s immaterial and for others, consequential. Therefore, it relies on eyes that dared to look where others have not yet, knowing this is where its happiness lies. This beauty isn’t reliant on natural attraction. It isn’t dependent on adopted confounding variables that limit eyes.

It may feel invisible, doesn’t make it any less visible too. It just hasn’t been found by the right eyes. When it is found, it will become fully visible. It doesn’t weep, does not wallow in depression for it knows the right eyes will come searching soon.

In this beauty lies happiness and joy. Therein, you will find calmness and everything that you’ve always wished for. It’s a beauty that’s cherished – not rubbished. A beauty that isn’t for the ones who can’t see beyond the eyes. It’s for the ones with ‘insights’ and not ‘outsights.’

When it is found, there’s contentment. This is because it has held itself magnificently, and not allowed disappointments to taint it. Nothing you desire can be compared to this beauty. For it is worth more than jewels, pleasant to behold, and all its ways lead to peace.

It is indeed a beauty that liberate the eyes that find it, and for those who hold on to it, a perfect harmony.

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