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Political rhetoric has now become a new way to showcase bias and pedal the ideology that if people don’t do something about the infiltration of other races, it could get out of hands. It’s a subtle way of preaching and inciting hatreds and should carry the same criminal conviction as a hate preacher.  Where the words of a political leader encourage people to do something about a situation, which result in civil or criminal actions, such a political leader could not be removed from the situation, as they laid the foundation for such actions. 

It is political rhetoric that inspires extremists to carry out atrocities that produce shocks to spread fear, show their grievance and hatred for other races.  But it could also be argued that within this political rhetoric is found the bias of the political leaders themselves.  A political leader that’s naturally bias creates division with their rhetoric because they can only give what they have.  Their bias come out of their rhetoric and causes radicalisation. 


If a political leader isn’t bias, then they won’t see immigration as a threat but an opportunity that can be managed through an orderly and respectful process.  Rather, a bias political leader preaches negativity, as if the country does not benefit from migration. Consider how much immigrants pay to live and work in other countries.  Cost of application alone ranges from 100 – 3k per person, and in cases of special service up to 6k. Cost of studying from 10k and above with no recourse to public funds including Health Services.  They work and pay tax like a citizen of the country and yet treated disrespectfully by Political Leaders rhetoric.  All in the name of seen as doing something about immigration, and in some cases bias.  No one going to live in another country is ignorant of the immigration rules that exist in the country.

How many political leaders have actually made clear in their speech the benefits to their countries as a result of immigration.  All they ever talk about is ‘too much immigration’, ‘they are taking our jobs’ and many more.  I’m yet to understand how they’re taking jobs in countries where there are lots of jobs, yet skills shortage? These are some of the lies presented by bias leaders, when in fact, they aren’t true. Yet, they capitalise on the gullibility of their citizens to expand their propaganda and create a hostile environment.

But then also, are we so gullible that we buy-in to what the political leaders say or is it just a case of our own individual bias as well – that we choose to ignore the truth and accept falsehood.  We are bias against other people who don’t look like us, speak like us, act like us and many more.  But do they really need to look like us, be like us or even act like us?  What a boring world that would be – if we all look alike, talk alike, act the same!

I hope we would see events that have happened in the past, as lessons for the future.  I hope we would begin to realise that we all need each other to grow our societies.  Immigration is good and never to be seen as a threat, but an opportunity for economic growth, relationships, friendships, and variety, the spice of life.

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