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Understanding the two sides of a subject helps us see the scope of our obliviousness. Even though we might not understand everything surrounding a subject, getting some insight positions us more firmly to make decisions that are right for us.

It is when we come to an understanding of a subject that we could confidently interact with it and teach it.  When we lack an understanding of it, we become confused and tossed around endlessly.  Knowing a lot about a subject does not necessarily mean we understand it. Therefore, it’s a good idea to give ourselves the opportunity to provoke the understanding within us.


Every subject is unique, with varying values and views on life. We should not let our understanding of any subject be overwhelmed by the noise of unprincipled cunning with a view to reconstruct false realities.  Rather, we should try to understand the subject with our hearts, minds and souls working together in parallel.

It would seem to be the general truth that some subjects are simpler than the others.  In truth, the subjects we come across daily are either physical or spiritual in dimensions and create dynamism that affect us, as they unfold during situations and circumstances.  The only way we could understand them is to become more open about them.  If we isolate ourselves from them, we limit our understanding within.

Of a truth, it is easier to align more with subjects that we see than the unseen ones.  We are also more likely more concerned about now than the future.  This is totally understandable considering our genetic makeup as well as the evidential materials surrounding us.  Therefore, the spiritual ones can feel hidden, even though they’re evident.  Thus, we choose to either be ignorant, or rely on some statistics sleight of hand for our decision. Nevertheless, the truth continues to be that without looking to understand, we continue to wallow in the trap of frustration and irritation.

All in all, we define our choices.  We either choose to allow our minds to be open to understand a subject or not, and in some cases stretch our faith for the ones that go beyond our very own understanding. No matter what we decide, a little bit of understanding is all it takes.

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