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Now that Harry and Meghan are back together in their own little world. There’s of course a lot for them to look forward to. A new platform where they can begin to explore their own creativity and gradually step away from the world that’s trying to define their lives. There’s no gainsaying the challenge that lies ahead of them. Hopefully, they’ll find the balance and not allow themselves to be carried away by the failures of the past.

It has also been reported that Prince Harry and Meghan have agreed to fund some of their own security in future – if they become successful commercially. There’s nothing as good as being able to keep one’s feet off the ground and the ability to live life on one’s terms – not as the world predicts. So, it’s a step in the right direction, and fingers crossed, achievable.


In terms of work, there are more than enough decent options for them. They can make documentaries, carry on their charitable causes, introduce their own mental awareness stuff, and many more. There’s no limit to the commercial businesses they can engage in. It will be great to see what they do with their freedom.

About Archie, I am sure he will benefit from exposure to the realities of the world. He will also grow up as a person who can relate to the different elements and be able to see the world through other people’s experiences. He will not be limited by the realities of a certain place but that of a wider space. I would also hope he gets to spend time with his cousins, grandparents, uncle and aunt – because that would help him strike the balance and the courage to take on the world.

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