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If confidence is the belief in one’s ability, and ability is defined as one’s skills, talent or proficiency in a specific area, does this mean that a non-confident person lacks ability? Or could it be that their abilities have not been spotted, catered for or overshadowed by another ability?

From what I have seen and experienced so far; I think a lot of abilities have been overshadowed by other abilities.  This is the reason for unspotted abilities and the ones not catered for.  The society and workplace have not helped too.


In today’s society, people go for roles solely because they need to make ends meet and pay bills. They take on roles that don’t do justice to their skills or talents and make them seem as lacking in confidence. This is because they have delved into areas that aren’t theirs or proportionate to their real abilities. 

In addition, people try to embrace skills that the society see as relevant.  They forget that these skills only became relevant because the natural owners of these skills gave them the recognition they have today. Once we’ve found our abilities, we can make them desirable and relevant in the society. This is what the society should inspire.

Then, they finally secure a job based on their skills, and are met with the workplace conundrum.  The workplace makes them feel less confident because they don’t engage much in social activities such as: office drinks, chit chat, presentation, to name but a few. When in fact, they don’t necessarily need these activities in carrying out their roles successfully.  They are extracurricular activities, which they can opt in or out of.  The workplace seems to forget that people come to work, not for social activities, but for what they were employed to do, and shouldn’t be made to feel less confident if they chose to opt out of any activities that don’t define them.   How do we expect to grow more skills and talents when we expect everyone to be a sanguine? Let’s help people grow and thrive in who they truly are. 

So, when we talk about confidence, basically, we should relate it to people’s skills, talents or proficiency.  When they are happy in themselves, without the threat of acting or being someone else, it inspires confidence in them.  The lack of confidence is because they are not working within their abilities or are been forced to be someone else, and the world is missing these abilities – abilities overshadowed by other abilities, with no opportunities to boom.  We aren’t all going to be motivational speakers, presenters, socialites, etc. Therefore, people’s confidence shouldn’t be confined to these skills. If they choose to learn them, then that’s great.  If they don’t think they need to, then they should be free to say so, and not be seen as lacking in confidence. It’s unfair, and ultimately, suppresses abilities.

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