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Looks like the UK needs to start preparing for no-deal Brexit after all.  Though the Prime minister has said that he would try and get a deal, the EU have refused to bulge.  I hear that the leader of the opposition party, Jeremy Corbyn is seeking help from the top civil servant to intervene to avoid a no-deal Brexit during the general election campaign.  This comes amidst report that MPs could back a vote of no confidence in the new Prime Minister, Boris Johnson.

Mr Johnson has written to the civil servants to prepare to leave the EU by the Brexit deadline of 31st October.  To this effect, their top priority and his is an exit without a deal. It’s also been reported that the government special advisers have been instructed not to take annual leave until 31st October.  Presumably, as the top priority of the government is now no-deal Brexit.


The government’s argument continues to be it’s the people mandate.  The people voted to leave during the referendum, and the mandate should be upheld.  What I find interesting is that the house voted down Theresa May’s withdrawal agreement three times, and the EU made it clear that they won’t be reopening the withdrawal agreement, most especially, now that the new Prime Minister has requested for the ‘Irish backstop’ to be removed from the Brexit discussion, the EU has gone completely quiet, and are also preparing for a no-deal Brexit. If EU stance is that the withdrawal deal cannot be renegotiated, the obvious options are no-deal or stay within the single market.  The MPs are of course very confused, and I wonder what actually makes them feel that another referendum will solve their mess.  A big shame that people voted at the last referendum not understanding what they voted for – but that a lot of people are clear on what it actually means to leave or stay, we may be shocked by the outcome of another referendum.  Nothing’s guaranteed at this moment!

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