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Black Lightning

This power allows the user to become intangible and also allows them to travel through or power electrical objects. The only way to gain this power is to be born with it at birth, as any other attempts to get the power would be unsuccessful and may lead to either unconsciousness or death. People with this power are usually referred to as the strongest or the miracle child. Other abilities you gain are:

  • When you become electricity your body becomes as fast as light itself which is hundreds of times faster than regular lightning.
  • You can create explosions of electricity that spread to either stun someone or charge a whole area with electricity.

Disadvantages of becoming lightning:

  • You can’t go underground or you will be turned back into your human form and crushed under the weight of the dirt or you will get stuck halfway in the ground.
  • If you go anywhere near water then anything in your vicinity will be electrocuted until they fall unconscious and there is no way to turn it off unless the water in your area is removed.

Dark Teleportation

This power gives you the ability to teleport to any location but also allows you to create a black hole that can take any object and put it in the area the user is thinking of. The thing is that if any human goes inside the hole they will be captured, until the portal is opened again by the user. Pros of having this ability:

  • Anyone you touch will be teleported to the location of either the user or the person thinks of. This all depends on what the user wants.

Disadvantages of using this ability:

  • The more you teleport the more pain and numbness your body feels. The way to fix this is to train your body so you can resist more pain.
  • When you first start using your ability you won’t be able to go even a couple of miles until you develop your ability by teleporting multiple times per day until you feel extremely used to the pain.

Time Travel

This ability allows you to go back or forward in time. The only problem is if you use it to many times you start to get time sickness. This sickness is much worse as it causes you to stop moving or talking and it automatically puts you in a disabled state. But once you’ve rested for a couple days the numbness will disappear. Perks of having this ability are:

  • You can use it to see the future so that if anything bad happens then you will be able to prevent it.
  • You can change the past so if you want to fix a mistake that you or someone else made- but just make sure you don’t go more than 1000 years back or you won’t be able to come back to your timeline.

Disadvantages of this ability:

  • If you look into the future more than twice a day you will get a headache that won’t go away until the next day or you will become extremely exhausted.
  • If you change a major incident or event in history then one of you eyes will be made temporarily blind and you will be unable to use your power for a two days.


This power allows you make anything you want, as long as, you can imagine a clear image of what you are going to create. If you don’ have all of these imaginations in your head then the creation ability won’t work. Pros  and cons of having this ability:

  • You can make anything but if you create too many things without rest then you become super skinny and your body will become very fragile to the point were even a gust of wind could knock you over. The best thing to do in this situation is to stuff yourself with tons of food to create more fat in your body.

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